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Type: Committee
Meeting location: Cook County Building, Board Room 118 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois

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July 2019

Jul, 2019

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
ALMA E. ANAYA Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
BILL LOWRY Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
BRANDON JOHNSON Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
BRIDGET DEGNEN Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
BRIDGET GAINER Commissioner12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...ridget-gainer-0  
DEBORAH SIMS Vice Chairman12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo.../deborah-sims-0  
DENNIS DEER Commissioner7/13/2017 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...son/dennis-deer  
DONNA MILLER Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
JEFFREY R. TOBOLSKI Commissioner12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...frey-r-tobolski  
JOHN P. DALEY Commissioner12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...on/john-p-daley  
KEVIN B. MORRISON Commissioner12/3/2018 12/4/2022    
LARRY SUFFREDIN Commissioner12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...larry-suffredin  
LUIS ARROYO JR Commissioner12/1/2014 12/4/2022 https://www.coo.../luis-arroyo-jr  
PETER N. SILVESTRI Chairman12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...ter-n-silvestri  
SCOTT R. BRITTON Commissioner12/2/2018 12/4/2022    
SEAN M. MORRISON Commissioner7/23/2015 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...sean-m-morrison  
STANLEY MOORE Commissioner12/6/2010 12/4/2022 https://www.coo...n/stanley-moore