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First name: Bridget
Last name: Gainer
Web site:
Department Name TitleStart DateEnd DateAppointed By
Audit Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/2/2018  
Board of Commissioners Commissioner12/6/2010 12/2/2018  
Business and Economic Development Committee Commissioner12/1/2014 12/7/2018  
Census Redistricting Committee Commissioner8/7/2013  
Criminal Justice Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Environment and Sustainability Committee Commissioner10/11/2017 12/7/2018  
Environmental Control Committee (This committee no longer exists) (inactive) Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Finance Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/7/2018  
Finance Subcommiittee on Labor (This subcommittee no longer exists. There is now a Labor Committee) (inactive) Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Finance Subcommittee on Litigation Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Finance Subcommittee on Pension (This subcommittee no longer exists. There is now a Pension Committee) (inactive) Chairman12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Health & Hospitals Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Committee Vice Chairman12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Labor Committee Commissioner12/1/2014 12/7/2018  
Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Pension Committee Chairman12/1/2014 12/7/2018  
Roads and Bridges Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Rules and Administration Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/8/2018  
Workforce, Housing & Community Development Committee Chairman12/1/2014 12/7/2018  
Zoning and Building Committee Commissioner12/6/2010 12/7/2018