First name: Sean
Last name: Morrison
Web site:
Department Name TitleStart DateEnd DateAppointed By
Asset Management Committee Commissioner12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Audit Committee Vice Chairman12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Board of Commissioners Commissioner7/23/2015 12/6/2026  
Business and Economic Development Committee Commissioner12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Criminal Justice Committee Commissioner12/3/2018 12/6/2026  
Emergency Management and Regional Security Committee Commissioner12/3/2018 12/6/2026  
Finance Committee Commissioner7/23/2015 12/6/2026  
Finance Subcommittee on Litigation Commissioner12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Finance Subcommittee on Workers' Compensation Chairman12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Health & Hospitals Committee Commissioner12/3/2018 12/6/2026  
Law Enforcement Committee Commissioner12/5/2022 12/6/2026  
Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee Commissioner7/23/2015 12/6/2026  
RTA Commissioner Suburban Appointments Vice Chairman6/29/2023 12/6/2026  
Rules and Administration Committee Commissioner12/5/2018 12/6/2026  
Technology and Innovation Committee Vice Chairman10/7/2018 12/6/2026  
Transportation Committee Commissioner12/3/2018 12/6/2026  
Zoning and Building Committee Vice Chairman7/23/2015 12/6/2026